Updated COVID-19 Policies | June 15, 2021

Updated COVID-19 Policies

June 15, 2021

To all partners,

As more and more of our community gets vaccinated, evidence is showing a significant slow in the incidence of new cases of COVID-19. Salm Partners always values safety as a priority and will continue to follow the CDC guidelines for preventing the transmission of the virus. Currently the CDC states that if you are fully vaccinated (2 weeks after 2nd dose), you can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic. Additionally, OSHA has declared that companies still must maintain COVID protections for unvaccinated people.

Therefore, starting June 16, 2021 the changes below will be in force.


  • Masks
    • Fully vaccinated partners no longer need to wear a face mask in the facility. You are welcome to continue wearing a mask if you so choose.
    • Unvaccinated partners are required to continue wearing a face mask to protect themselves and others from potential transmission.
    • A partner that does not wear a facemask is declaring that they are fully vaccinated. Misrepresentation will be grounds for disciplinary action.
    • Salm Partners reserves the right to request proof of vaccination from any partner
    • Same rules apply to visitors/customers
    • Masks will continue to be available at current locations provided for by Salm Partners
  • Shared food will be allowed. Continue to use gloves, hand sanitizer, and GMPs.
  • 570 partner entrance will be open both as an entrance and an exit. The wall face & temperature scanner from 590 will be relocated at the 570 entrance.
  • Partner production walkway will be combined and two-way again. This will separate partner and fork truck traffic as there will no longer be a need to walk through the 590 dry warehouse.

No Change

  • Social Distancing
  • Hood/beard nets
  • Barriers in Production areas
  • Frock locations
  • Partner entrances – 590 Woodrow, 625 Hager
  • Partner exits – 590 North, 590 Office, 570, 625 Hager
  • Temperature checks at entrance
  • Elevated cleaning in shared areas
  • Requirement to stay home when sick

We greatly appreciate your continued diligence regarding partner safety and the protocols of Salm Partners. If you have any questions, please reach out to your supervisor.

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