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Our process produces customer-preferred products that meet the highest standards in quality, food safety, and shelf life.

  • Co-extrusion creates a tender casing with a consumer pleasing snap
  • Cooking in the package ensures the product is never exposed after cooking and chilling

The combination creates consumer preferred products with the highest level of food safety and extended shelf life!

Benefits of cook-in-package production Systems

Consumer Preferred

Fresher flavor due to cooking without the presence of oxygen. Casing provides pleasing snap while keeping adherence to the product.

Food Safety

Cook-in-package eliminates the risk of post lethality contamination and the need for anti-microbials such as lactates and diacetates.

Shelf Life

Most of our products have a shelf life over 200 days. This reduces food waste and the ability to take advantage of off-season commodity costs without freezing.

Shelf Life:
Conventional 100 days or less
Cook-in-package 180 days or more!

Innovative Process

Sausages packaging at Salm Partners

01 Stuffing

Blended meat and ingredients are ground inline to ensure the best textures and particle definition. Then, a collagen or alginate casing is spun onto the surface of the sausage. This provides a tender casing with a consumer pleasing snap.

Packaged Sausages at Salm Partners

02 Partially Cook/Smoke

The sausages are conveyed into a drying tower where condensed natural smoke infuses the sausage with additional flavor and color.

Packaged Sausages at Salm Partners

03 Packaging

The still uncooked sausages are then vacuum sealed for freshness and flavor.

Cook/chill sausages at Salm Partners

04 Cook/Chill

The packages go through our cook-in-package, or sous vide, process. The process eliminates the possibility of post-lethality contamination and produces a great tasting, extended shelf life product

Market Leader

Salm Partners operates half of the coextrusion, cook-in-package systems in the country.  It is our process and specialization that sets Salm Partners apart as a provider of smoked sausage. Salm Partners has the expertise to rapidly introduce new products in the marketplace and keep them at the forefront of the sausage industry.  We also have the scale and expertise to reliably deliver you a consistent product week in and week out. With us, your product delivers the taste, texture, and convenience consumers want while providing your company with ease of delivery and peace of mind.

About Salm Partners

We provide our customers a market advantage through a better product at a lower cost. We don’t have a retail brand and don’t compete with our customers. We succeed through helping you succeed!


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