Salm Partners Update | May 4, 2021

Salm Partners Update

May 4, 2021

All Salm Partners,


This memo is to communicate changes at Salm Partners to decrease Saturday work and appreciate our partners.

  • Two lines are scheduled down each Saturday starting May 8th
  • We are hiring a new weekend night shift [6:30 PM to 6:30 AM, Fri, Sat, and Sun]
  • We have created temporary summer positions to help us run consistently during the week
  • Interested partners can volunteer for overtime on the Saturdays their line is scheduled off
  • Partners will earn back ½ of a point for working an unscheduled shift (e.g., a Saturday down)
  • We have created 4 new trainer positions per shift to help new partners learn their roles
  • Lunch will be served to all partners working on Saturdays starting May 8th


Last summer, we planned on Hager Road reducing the number of Saturdays required to fulfill our customer demand. However, the pandemic caused more people to eat at home, resulting in our customers needing more product to fill America’s grocery stores. Having healthy customers that need you is a great thing, but the extra demand has caused us to continue to need to operate on Saturdays.

Salm Partners is committed to being an employer of choice, and we are implementing several changes to reduce the number of required Saturdays. Starting next week, two lines will be scheduled down each Saturday. This means each line will be scheduled down about half the Saturdays during a month.

We still must meet our customer needs, since if we do not, they will go elsewhere to find their products. Therefore, we are making several changes to help run efficiently during the work week and allow more Saturdays down.

We have created temporary summer positions which will allow students 18 and older make money during the summer and give them experience with manufacturing. If you know anyone who could benefit from these positions, please see our online brochure. It is easy to sign up at the following link: Salm Summer Signup.

We are also launching a weekend night shift, 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM Friday through Sunday night. These partners will help us end and start our weeks efficiently. Applications are available online for internal and external applicants: Production Worker - Weekend PM

We know some partners like the opportunity for weekend overtime. Partners will be able to volunteer for Saturday work on their scheduled weeks off by speaking with their facilitator or supervisor. For the next 2 months, anyone that works a shift they are not scheduled for, such as a Saturday when their line is off, will also earn back ½ of a point.

We have received your feedback that training partners is difficult to do while performing your normal duties. To make this easier, we are creating four new trainer roles per shift. Trainers will focus on helping our new partners learn the skills they need to be successful. We still ask that all partners help welcome and onboard new partners. The more successful we are at keeping all our partners, the better we will be able to run our lines through the week and take time down on Saturdays. Trainer applications are being accepted for internal applicants at the following link: Career Center.

Finally, as a thank you to all our partners, we will start serving lunch on Saturdays beginning this weekend, May 8th. If you have any questions on these items, please speak with your manager or HR.

Thanks for being a partner and have a safe day!

Keith M. Lindsey

President & CEO

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