Salm Partners Job Opportunities in Denmark, Wisconsin | Jan 7, 2021

Salm Partners Job Opportunities in Denmark, Wisconsin

Jan 7, 2021

Our team at Salm Partners conducted a wage study to stay competitive with potential partners' current needs within the food production industry. We re-evaluated the existing minimum pay for the palletizers, production worker, and machine operator positions. After careful consideration, we increased the pay for our palletizer, production worker, and machine operator job opportunities for future Partners.

  • Palletizers: $17.00/hr
  • Production Workers: $16.00/hr
  • Machine Operators: $21.00/hr

Shift differentials:

The current shift differential is $2.00 added to the base pay for 2nd and 3rd shifts. This is available to all positions!

Partner Referral Program:

Should a current Partner want to share their experience with another Partner, we offer a Partner Referral Program for new hires. Partners who refer a future employee and they stay for 90 days, the referring partner gets a range of $500-$750, depending on the position. If the prospective partner stays for a year, the referring partner receives an additional $500.


Do you live in Green Bay? Bus transportation to Salm Partners is available on the east and west sides of Green Bay for all shifts.

COVID19 Safety:

We continue to maintain our diligence in ensuring the health and safety of our partners. We encourage safe practices on the floor and if you're sick, stay home.

Salm Partners continues to uphold our mission in providing an avenue of growth to our Partners! We are proud to call our customers, internal workforce, suppliers, and community members Partners, and we are #SalmProud to be part of this community.

To look at our current open positions, please check out the Careers page on our website:

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