Results from companywide testing | April 29, 2020

Results from companywide testing

April 29, 2020

All Salm Partners,

I’m sending you the results of our coronavirus testing and the good news is we have some of the lowest rates of coronavirus in our industry and region.  You can see our media statement here:

All Partner Test Results

Out of our 346 tests, 17 new cases of COVID-19 were found.  5% of total tests came back positive.  The State of Wisconsin had an 8.5% positive rate yesterday.   By doing companywide testing, we located asymptomatic partners and were able to proactively quarantine them.  These partners can now better protect their families, loved ones, and community.   Since we identified people before symptoms showed, you can be more confident Salm Partners is a healthy environment.  We are working with outside sources to develop a plan for ongoing COVID-19 testing.

I would like to stress that the test indicates if someone has the virus at a point in time. To continue to remain virus free, all partners should follow the CDC’s guidelines of social distancing, staying home when sick, washing surfaces frequently, not touching the face, and wearing masks in public.

Thanks again to all that supported the safety of our partners and the food supply through being tested.

Have a safe day,

Keith M. Lindsey

President & CEO 

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