Packers Tickets and New Schedules | July 14, 2021

Packers Tickets and New Schedules

July 14, 2021

All Salm Partners,

This memo is to update you on two items:

  1. All hourly partners now eligible for Packers tickets 
  2. Now hiring for two new schedules

All full time hourly partners now eligible for Packers tickets 

We are adjusting the Packer’s lottery this weekend to include all full time, hourly partners that work all hours of their schedule during the week.  This includes partners on 8 and 12 hour shifts. 4 winners will be selected, and each winner will receive 2 tickets. Tickets will be delivered 10 days prior to the game and winners must still be employed at Salm Partners to receive them. We will announce the winners on Monday. Also, we will repeat this next week and give away 8 tickets to partners that work all their scheduled shifts next week.

Now hiring for two new schedules

To attract and retain great partners, we are focused on improving work life balance. One approach we are taking is to create additional schedules to give different work options to partners. The first of these we implemented was the 12-hour weekend night shift. In addition to the weekend night shift, we are creating two new schedules at Salm Partners to:

  1. Provide better work life balance to existing partners through more weekend time off
  2. Make the benefits of being a Salm Partner available to more people
  3. Meet the production needs of our customers

Here are the shifts:


Part Time Weekend - Days

4 Day Shift – 3rd


Friday & Saturday

Mon – Thu


6:30 AM to 6:30 PM

10:30 PM – 6:30 AM




Starting rate

$15 / hr

$15 / hr + $2 shift diff

Benefit eligible?




By covering 12 hours Friday and Saturday, these roles will allow scheduling off more partners on Saturday and approving more time off on Friday.

By helping staff and run all our lines during the week, these partners will help take demand out of the weekend. 

If you have any questions or are interested in exploring one of these options, please speak with your leader or HR.

Have a safe day,

Keith M. Lindsey

President & CEO

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