Onsite COVID-19 Testing | April 23, 2020

Onsite COVID-19 Testing

April 23, 2020

All Salm Partners,

Our response to COVID-19 has been fast and widespread to protect the health of our partners. There isn’t a part of our factory that hasn’t been updated and changed to deter the transmission of COVID-19. I want to thank everyone that was involved in making these changes possible. You should be proud, as our facility is on par with the best plants in the country regarding our defenses. However, no matter what we do in our facility, it is up to each and every one of us to follow the CDC’s recommendations at home and in our personal interactions. The COVID-19 virus is in our community, so you must protect yourself.

One of our best defenses against COVID-19 is to have people who are sick stay home. Our addition of 80 hours paid leave and suspension of the attendance system for illness should have removed any incentive to come to work when sick. Also, our daily health screens help partners understand when they should stay home.

However, some people have COVID-19 and do not show symptoms. It is not fully understood how infectious they are, but they are carrying the virus without any way of knowing it. If we could help these partners know who they are, we could help protect them, their families, and our partners by having them quarantine until healthy.

Therefore, Salm Partners has organized company wide COVID-19 testing on Friday April 24th (this Friday). This testing will be voluntary but strongly encouraged since taking the test will help us all. The test will be free of charge and any partner who takes the test will receive an extra hour of straight time pay as a thank you. The tests will be performed by licensed medical doctors and processed through the nation’s largest diagnostic laboratory.

Testing will be provided as you leave your shift on Friday, and the results take about 48 hours to get back. We will shut down the QX lines after 2nd shift Friday until 3rd shift Sunday.  Partners who are currently at home due to potential exposure should not come in for the test.

There are very few organizations in the country that have managed to test all their people. We know that testing everyone may highlight some more positive cases, and that is exactly why we are doing it. We strongly feel that if we are able to help a few more partners know that they need to stay home, it will protect those partners families, protect everyone working at Salm Partners, and help us protect the nation’s food supply.

One especially important fact, this is a test of if you have COVID-19 at the time you are tested. In order to help prevent getting COVID-19 after getting tested, you must follow the CDC’s guidelines including staying home when sick, social distancing, washing your hands frequently, cleaning flat surfaces, wearing a face mask, and not touching your face.

If you have any questions, please contact your leader or HR. Thank you in advance for your participation in the testing.

Thanks for being a partner,

Keith M. Lindsey

President & CEO

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