Happy Thanksgiving! | Nov 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25, 2020

Thanksgiving mid

All Salm Partners,

With Thanksgiving 2020 just around the corner, I would like to say “Thanks” to all of you, Salm Partners, that make our company special. I am proud of how we have all worked together to keep each other safe and live up to our mission throughout the year.

As COVID-19 continues to spread in our community, I need to return to the message of protecting yourself from the virus. The spread of COVID-19 has not slowed, and COVID-19 is not aware of the holiday.  Please follow behaviors that protect you and your loved ones: wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and staying home when sick.

However, let us not lose our optimism! There are now at least 3 different vaccines that appear headed for distribution in the next couple months. As a nation, we can collectively solve huge problems when we align our focus and efforts on a shared priority.

For those partners that have a long weekend, enjoy the rest and relaxation! To those partners that will be working this weekend to maintain and improve our equipment and buildings, we thank you for using your gifts and talents to help Salm Partners improve. We have great customer partners, and they depend on us to reliably deliver safe, high quality products. It is our unique combination of people, process, and technology that allow us to meet this need.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Keith M. Lindsey

President & CEO

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