COVID-19: Cases in Brown County and COVID-19 testing | April 20, 2020

COVID-19: Cases in Brown County and COVID-19 testing

April 20, 2020

All Salm Partners:

Over the last week, Brown County’s COVID-19 cases almost tripled from 97 to 285. Today, the health department announced that this was primarily due to a cluster coming from the JBS facility. They also mentioned that Salm Partners has had confirmed cases, the first of which we had communicated back on April 4th. We have sent the media a press release, which you can find at the following link:

Salm Partners Media Statement

The number of partners from Brown County that work at Salm Partners and have tested positive is a total of 10. It appears that the substantial changes and improvements in our plant and PPE are helping keep our partners safe and slow transmission. However, it is of upmost importance that all of our partners follow the CDC’s guidelines of social distancing, washing hands, wearing a face mask, and not coming to work when sick to continue to reduce transmission and flatten the curve, both at work and at home.

Testing for COVID-19

There are some people that carry COVID-19 that do not show symptoms (asymptomatic). In order to help these people know they have COVID-19, we are working hard to make voluntary COVID-19 testing available to all of our partners. If we can provide testing, it would help every partner protect themselves, their families, and our fellow partners. We will provide more information regarding voluntary testing in the next couple days.

Thanks for your amazing efforts supporting each other and the nation’s food supply!  I’m proud to be a partner with you.

Keith M. Lindsey

President & CEO

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