$100 Weekend Lottery This Weekend | June 4, 2021

$100 Weekend Lottery This Weekend

June 4, 2021

All Salm Partners,

I hope that you all had a safe, enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! As schools get out and the temperature rises, people around the country have begun celebrating summer with sausage on the grill. This is a critical time for Salm Partners. After the disruption of COVID, our customers need us to reliably supply them product. If we are not able to do so, they may consider other options. We will protect our future business by meeting their needs during the summer.

As discussed during our townhall, we are committed to scheduling two lines down per weekend. To maintain our customers, we need to efficiently produce products during our scheduled shifts. This requires a team effort to keep each other safe, produce number 1 product the first time, keep our lines running, and execute on-time change overs. To be successful, we all need to be able to count on each other to come to work when scheduled. Every one of our roles is vital to our success, and you are important to your team and customers.

Today’s payroll had the first $100 per week “Fill The Grill” awards for those that attended all their scheduled times. About 75% of our partners received this award and up to $200 extra in their paycheck. Thank you!

As another "Thank You" for attending your scheduled shift, we are going to increase our lottery this weekend. At the end of each 8 hour shift from 3rd shift tonight to 3rd shift Monday morning, we will draw four $100 winners. This will be awarded right at the end of each shift, and you need to be in attendance to receive it.

Thank you for being a reliable partner during this important time for our team, company, and customers!

Have a safe day,

Keith Lindsey

President & CEO

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